NHS Dentistry Fees 2024

For more comprehensive information about NHS dental fees and treatment bands please visit the NHS Dental website.

Please note that our NHS patient policy states that patients shall be removed from our NHS list if they do not attend the practice within a two year period or fail to attend more than two appointments they have made. These policies are in place to help improve access for other patients that are seeking regular dental care and to prevent the wastage of valuable and limited NHS resources.

Our Private Dental Fees 2024

Exam and X-Rays £45.00
S/P with Filling (Appointment) £45.00
Hygienist £58.50
RCT From £250.00 to £350.00
Extractions From £90.00 to £150.00
Restorations Amalgam From £80.00 to £120.00
Restorations Composite From £90.00 to £150.00
Dentures From £400.00 to £800.00
Acrylic From £400.00 to £800.00
Partial Single Tooth £400.00
F/ or /F From £600.00 to £800.00
COMPLETE SET From £800.00 to £1000.00
Valplast From £500.00 to £800.00
CO/CR From £600.00 to £800.00
Denture Repairs From £45.00 to 80.00
Crowns and Veneers From £450.00 to £800.00
Crowns -Emax/Zirconia Plus From £500.00 to £800.00
Bridges £350.00 per unit
Night Guard (Single) £90.00
Composite Bonding From £150.00 to £300.00
Extirpate From £110.00 to £195.00
Recement Crown From £50.00 to £70.00
Invisalign U/L Arch inc. Essex Retainer and Whitening £3500.00 (Removable retainer not covered)
1 Arch £1800.00
Additional Whitening per Arch £125.00
Temp Filling From £50.00 to £70.00