Dental and Facial Treatments

Our dentists in Oldbury provide stunning cosmetic dental treatments including teeth whitening (home whitening and 1-hour power whitening), porcelain veneers, white fillings and teeth reshaping to create the perfect smile makeover.

To restore your smile by replacing missing, decayed or broken teeth, we use crowns, bridges, dentures. Using the latest technology in dentistry we are able to offer the highest quality of care with a wide option of treatments.

Our preventive dental treatments include fissure sealants for children, scale and polish, bad breath, gum disease, decay detection and mouth cancer screening services.

Cosmetic Dentistry » Smile Makeovers

    • Teeth Whitening
      Brighten your teeth by several shades with our 1 hour In-Office power whitening and home whitening maintenance kits.
    • Porcelain Veneers
      Improve your smile by lengthening and reshaping teeth and closing gaps between teeth. Ask about a complete smile makeover!
    • White Fillings
      Remove unsightly silver metal fillings and replace them with tooth coloured fillings for a whiter smile.
    • Gum Contouring and Teeth Reshaping
      Reshape your gums and teeth to lengthen or shorten the appearance of teeth and improve your smile line.
    • Facial Aesthetics now available at our practice
      Prices starting from £165 – Get in touch with us today to find out more.
    • QST- Quick Straight Teeth available in surgery – Ask reception team for details and book your consultation today.

Restorative Dentistry » Restore Your Smile

  • Broken Teeth
    Restore broken and chipped teeth after accidents
  • Crowns & Bridges
    Replace a few missing teeth with a natural looking caps
  • Dentures
    Replace many missing teeth with support to your cheeks and lips
  • Flexible Dentures
    Flexible partial dentures are the comfortable, beautiful, and affordable choice.


    • Dental ImplantsReferral can be arranged
      Dental implants offer a permanent solution for your missing teeth. A dental implant is essentially a substitute for a natural root and commonly it is screw or cylinder shaped.

Preventive Dentistry » Maintain Your Smile

  • Children
    Fluoride applications and fissure sealants for protection against decay
  • Dental Hygiene
    Scale & polishing teeth and teaching you how to keep them clean
  • Bad Breath
    Improve your social life with fresh breath
  • Gum Disease
    Treatment of swelling, soreness or infection of the gum tissues
  • Decay Detection
    Detect early decay and prevent unnecessary discomfort
  • Mouth Cancer Screening
    Smoking, drinking and unhealthy diets increases risks of mouth cancer. Early detection increases chances of survival.


  • Oral Surgery
    Minor extractions for teeth in pain or widsom teeth
  • Root Canal Treatment
    Treatment for infected blood or nerve supply of teeth
  • Sedation for the NervousReferral can be arranged
    Relaxation for anxious and dental phobic patients

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